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About Shib 2.0

Shib 2.0 is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project committed to revolutionizing the digital landscape. With a focus on innovation, community empowerment, and financial freedom, we strive to redefine the way people interact with digital assets. Through our advanced technology, transparent governance, and unwavering commitment to community, we aim to shape the future of cryptocurrency and create a thriving ecosystem where possibilities are limitless. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together and embrace the power of Shib 2.0.

Tokenomics Shib 2.0

Fueling the Future of Shib 2.0 with Innovative Economics!

Total Supply


This expansive supply has been strategically designed to fuel a robust and thriving ecosystem. With such a vast token supply, Shib 2.0 aims to foster widespread adoption, liquidity, and community engagement. Embrace the abundant possibilities as we embark on an exciting journey of growth and opportunity within the Shib 2.0 ecosystem.

Buy Fee


At Shib 2.0, we believe in creating a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for our community. To achieve this, we have implemented a 10% buy fee. This fee serves multiple purposes: it encourages long-term holding, supports liquidity provision, and funds ongoing development and innovation. By applying this fee, we incentivize investors to become active participants in the Shib 2.0 ecosystem, contributing to its growth and stability. Together, we can build a strong foundation for the future of Shib 2.0 and unlock new opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Sell Fee


At Shib 2.0, we strive to maintain a healthy and thriving ecosystem for all participants. As part of our balanced approach, we have implemented a sell fee. This fee, set at a certain percentage, helps deter excessive short-term selling and promotes a more stable and sustainable market. By discouraging quick sell-offs, we aim to encourage long-term investment strategies and foster a stronger community foundation. The sell fee also provides essential resources to support ongoing development, innovation, and liquidity provision within the Shib 2.0 ecosystem. Together, we can build a vibrant and prosperous future in the world of cryptocurrencies.

LP Locked

1 Year

To ensure the stability and security of Shib 2.0's liquidity pool (LP), we have implemented a one-year LP lock. This means that the LP tokens are securely locked for a period of one year, preventing any premature or unplanned manipulation of liquidity. By implementing this lock, we provide our community with confidence in the integrity and longevity of the liquidity pool. It also aligns with our commitment to long-term growth and sustainable development. Rest assured that Shib 2.0 is dedicated to fostering a robust and secure ecosystem, where transparency and trust are paramount.

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